Libraries (need to) change to match the new learner

June 11, 2007

First, this post at ARCLog (A Blog from the Association of College and Reasearch Libraries) makes for an interesting argument for Computer Games in Libraries. Why? Well, for one, this is the gaming age, and if libraries don’t entice new users or encourage older users to return through fun and learning techniques, then Libraries could loose out to other online resources.

Games in Libraries?

Here is a quote:

“Games can be serious. Games can change the way we think about things and they are changing the way we acquire knowledge. More libraries are beginning to offer different types of gaming environments for patrons, like equipment or space for game playing, but I think we should also consider what we can create that will foster better information skills in our patrons.”

The state of gaming has changed since the somewhat linear CD-ROM of the 1990’s, and need to be updated to match the skill level of the new learner.

Second, Santa Clara Universtiy has created something of a first with the New Media Consortium. Their new library, due to open in the fall of 2008, has been constructed online in Second Life a virtual library that students can go to and help with the design, etc. Made to coincide with every phase of construction, anyone can join in and suggest what theis new library will need and where. Have you ever wondered why that bookcase was put up against a wall with a window that made it impossible to look at the books because the sun (or bright daylight) was penetrating your eyes? I think I’ll request that they don’t do that in the new library!

Virtual Library


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